Thursday, February 8, 2018

Myths of the World 14: Love Beyond Collectors

Eipix, makers of Dark Parables and Phantasmat, bring you a chilling continuation of the Myths of the World series.Your husband has been kidnapped by a vengeful witch. To save him, you'll need to uncover the secrets of a nearby town before she can destroy it. Can you find the true story of the witch's betrayal? How is the town's Master tied in to all of this? Find the clues to save your love before you become another victim of the witch's wrath!
    Banish the dark force that has returned to your lands in the bonus game!
    Find special signs and morphing objects hidden throughout the game!
    Find souvenirs to unlock the Souvenir Room for more stories!
    Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs and earn achievements.
    Enjoy exclusive screensavers, wallpapers, concept art, and music!


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