Saturday, December 8, 2018

Spirits of Mystery 12 Whisper of the Past Collectors

AMAX Interactive presents another enchanting fantasy adventure in their classic Spirits of Mystery series!
Your peaceful summer retreat is interrupted by Dark Reapers kidnapping your mother and chasing your Aunt. What do these dark spirits want? Are you going to be next? On your journey to save your family you will uncover a dark secret that your family has covered up for many years. Can you restore the bonds of trust or will those that you love remain lost forever to hatred and revenge? Find out in this charming hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Save the Fire Lion Kingdom one last time in the bonus chapter!
Unlock a magical staff, repair ancient fountains, replay HOPs and mini-games, and earn achievements!

Christmas Wonderland 9

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas Wonderland! This year’s magical hidden object game is crammed full of fabulous presents and hidden surprises with stunning holiday graphics and puzzles for the whole Family to enjoy. Suddenly it’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s on his way flying through outer space then down to Earth. The Kids are fast asleep, or are they? Soon it will be another joy-filled Christmas morning!
Win an amazing trip to Santa’s North Pole Wonderland. Take a ride Santa’s Wonderland Express train. Visit Santa’s warehouse, workshops, reindeer barn, and Grotto. See the nativity display in Springfield Mall. Put up Christmas trees and decorations. Find angels and reindeer. Win awesome rewards and achievements.

Iris Fall

Iris.Fall is a puzzle adventure game featuring striking visuals and a spellbinding theme of “light and shadow”.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Stories 7 Alices Adventures Collectors

You’re enjoying your Christmas when the White Rabbit from Wonderland comes to you for help! The Christmas spirit is vanishing all over the world, but why? Come along for a fun adventure and return joy to the world by restoring harmony to the characters of Wonderland! Meet familiar characters in new places in this enchanting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Elephant Games proudly presents the next cheerful adventure in their beloved Christmas Stories series!
Explore another classic Christmas tale in the bonus game!
Replay HOPs and mini-games!
Complete your achievements and collectibles!
Enjoy exclusive art, music, and other unique content!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Legend of Rome: The Wrath of Mars

When the Roman people honored a simple warrior for the victories in battle they angered the god of war. Mars, infuriated, sends his army and brings great destruction to the Roman people. Experience a challenging match 3 game and help the Roman people appease Mars, the god of war! Build and restore the proud city to its original splendor.
In Legend of Rome play through an exciting story, earn bonuses, power ups and trophies, solve mini-games and extra levels to get closer to your goal.
Varied match 3 game with many extras.
Play through a challenging story.
Build and restore the city.
Earn different bonuses, upgrades and extras.
Solve challenging mini-games and bonus levels.

Home Designer: Home Sweet Home

Hazel is back in a new Home Designer adventure! Help her redesign the living room, bedroom, study and dining room for her client with real-world furniture! Make money by selling unused items and completing various mini-games (or skip them as you wish!). Take inspiration from the game’s life-like design elements and decorate your own home too! Find hidden objects, complete fun minigames, learn fun-facts and place hundreds of furniture pieces. You’ll be spoiled with so many things to do!
Turn drab rooms into fabulous living spaces!
More than 400 furniture items
25 different game modes
Daily fun-facts for real designers!

Ants: Mission of the Salvation

One morning there were no signs of trouble. Ants were working peacefully, when the storm suddenly rose and carried them far away. Now, the ants have to find their way back home, through all obstacles and dangers. And you are the only one who can help them. Solve diverse and interesting puzzles using the different tools you receive on each stage. Each level has a unique solution and you will have to find it using previous and current stage clues. Climb the walls, sail through waters, build tunnels, skydive, and much more as you lead your ants home.