Thursday, June 14, 2018

Labyrinths of the World 8 When Worlds Collide CE

Domini Games proudly presents the next thrilling chapter in the Labyrinths of the World series!
You’ve been hired by the British Library as a consultant! You and your sister are excited to delve in, but things quickly take a dark turn when she’s sucked into a dangerous book! It’s up to you to travel through new worlds to save her. Do you have what it takes to stop an evil conqueror and survive the deadly arena? Find out in this exhilarating hidden-object puzzle adventure!
    Learn more about the Worlds of Order and Chaos in the bonus chapter.
    Never get lost with the strategy guide!
    Find hidden collectibles to uncover more about the game world!
    Enjoy exclusive music, concept art, and more!

Spirits of Mystery: The Lost Queen Collectors

AMAX Interactive proudly presents the next thrilling chapter in the classic Spirits of Mystery series.
Every ten years, the Green Moon rises and your kingdom is attacked by forest spirits. The last attack led to the disappearance of your mother, the Queen. Now, the moon has risen again. Can you uncover the truth about what happened to your mother and save the kingdom from a horrible fate? Find out in this gripping hidden-object puzzle adventure!
    Save your royal father to save the kingdom in the bonus game!
    Listen to the game's haunting soundtrack again and again.
    Learn more about the setting and characters by completing your collections!
    Never get lost with the strategy guide.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Quadrium 2

A sequel to the Quadrium game in an unusual match3 setting. New bonuses and antibonuses, new strategies. Mines allow you to clear the field with a chain reaction of explosions. Fans of added difficulty can now select Challenge Mode at any time. Completing the game will now be even more fun, because bosses have appeared!
- Fun new bonuses
- Mighty bosses
- Magnificent graphics
- Play Relaxed or Challenge modes
- Play Quadrium 2

The Keeper of Antiques Shadows From the Past CE

A mysterious stranger has broken into your uncle's house and stolen an artifact that could kill hundreds of people, including your parents. Only you can follow him into the past to stop his mad scheme. Do you have what it takes to save your family, or will you be the killer's next victim? Find out in this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle adventure!
    Recover an ancient mask in the thrilling bonus game!
    Uncover hidden museum collectibles and morphing objects.
    Find hidden puzzle pieces to assemble bonus jigsaw puzzles!
    Earn achievements and replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs.
    Complete all the Keeper's Room collections to receive a special object!

Thanks to Velocity

Sugar Crime

All candies have disappeared in the US because of a Sweets Prohibition. Fortunately, two clever and determined heroes Zack and Lou do not agree! They find candies and distribute them to grateful children everywhere while trying to figure out who is behind this dreadful law. Help Zack and Lou with their investigation before the police can stop them!
    100 unique challenging levels
    Lots of comics to discover the story
    Tons of available boosters
    Beautiful maps

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Moai 6 Unexpected Guests Collectors

Join two heroes on one grand adventure! When fate brings a clipper carrying a curious naturalist and a pioneering geologist to Tapa-Tui, Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri embark on an all-new journey to explore the many wonders of the island paradise and uncover the culprit behind a despicable plan to strip it of its precious resources.
Along the way, you'll race to complete 80 thrilling levels that challenge you to strategically figure out the best use of your resources. Mine stone and ore from the bowels of the Earth, summon crops from fertile soil and trade with merchants, all in an effort to complete missions ranging from keeping an island afloat to repairing a natural cloud maker. Smart use of relics that grant various abilities and production bonuses will ensure your success.
Complete your tasks swiftly and reap dozens of awards or play the game at a leisurely place – it's up to you! Either way, a sense of awe and discovery will pull you through the epic storyline to its exciting conclusion. Guide Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri on the adventure of their lives and enjoy countless hours of fun on the enchanted island of Tapa-Tui!

Bridge to Another World Through the Looking Glass Collectors

4Friends Games proudly presents another exciting chapter in the Bridge to Another World series.
The Red King and White Queen have been fighting for ages. When you get pulled through the looking glass, you find yourself in the middle of the ancient conflict. Are you the Alice who was prophesied to become the Red Queen and end the war? Or will you become just another victim of this age-old struggle? Find out in this wondrous Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
    It’s up to you to stop a villain wreaking havoc in the bonus game!
    Find every puzzle piece and morphing object to unlock special bonuses!
    Reference the comprehensive strategy guide if you get lost.
    Lots of achievements with re-playable HOPs and minigames!
    Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, soundtrack, and more!