Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bonfire Stories 2 Heartless Collectors

Mariaglorum is proud to bring you another terrifying tale in the Bonfire Stories series!
You were only a child when a red mist appeared in the woods and your father was murdered. What started as a quest for answers has since become an obsession. For the last five years, you’ve returned to the same campsite where your father died in the hopes of finding answers.
Now, the mist has returned and another camper has been taken. Can you solve the mystery and save them before they meet the same grisly fate as your father? Find out in this chilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Find out if truth is as strange as fiction in the bonus game!
Find hidden hearts and collect character figurines.
Never get lost with the strategy guide!
See if you have what it takes to unlock every achievement.
Enjoy exclusive soundtrack, concept art, wallpapers, and more!

Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey

The enchanted land needs your help once again, as a curse has been placed on the fairy tale worlds. Restore mosaic puzzles and get magical keys to save the magical creatures from the curse. Throughout your journey, you will cross paths with the most unforgettable creatures and characters from your favorite legends and fairy tales. Solve these patchwork puzzles and guess the picture, including mystical locations, forest creatures, noble ladies, magicians, and children of fire. Solve every mosaic and discover the incredible wonders of this magical land in Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Vermillion Watch 5: London Howling Collectors

Eipix Entertainment presents a new spine-tingling case in the Vermillion Watch series!
When a series of violent incidents point to a perpetrator that’s both human and animal, it’s time for the Vermillion Watch to jump into action! But the dark and foggy streets of 19th century London are hiding more than your run of the mill suspects, and the culprit could be closer than you think. Can you crack the case and save the city from a dangerous threat before it’s too late? Find out in this exhilarating hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Help the Vermillion Watch rescue animals in the bonus chapter!
Play and re-play challenging HOPs and mini-games!
Gather collectibles, achievements, and unlock a secret puzzle!
Enjoy exclusive artwork, music, videos, and behind-the-scenes peeks!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Sweet Clouds

Something is wrong with the weather around Sweet Clouds land. The weather machinery is broken and now popcorn rains down from the clouds, gingerbread thunderstorms are popping up out of season and the caramel rainbows are in disorder… Mail delivery is impossible in such conditions! Join postman Jim and his talking plane Tornado on their mission to fix the weather machinery and find the cause of all this mess. Help guide them through bad weather conditions, find the scattered parcels and deliver them to the right addressees in this fantastic match 3 adventure!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Immortal Love 5 Kiss of the Night Collectors

4 Friends Games presents the latest addition to the Immortal Love series!
When your beloved falls ill, you’ll do anything to save her. You quickly discover that the price is much higher than you thought when you awake to find yourself in a coffin and your love has been kidnapped! Stuck in the middle of a war between the Hunters and Vampires, it’s up to you to find out why the Vampire Master wants your beloved and save her before it’s too late! Do you have what it takes? Find out in this spine-tingling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Defeat a vengeful vampire in the bonus game!
Lots of achievements and collectibles to find.
Replay fun mini-games and HOPs.
Never get lost with the Strategy Guide!

Rescue Team 8 Collectors

When a notorious poacher steals every animal off a reserve, FEMA calls in the Rescue Team to save the day! Lead the way to safety after disaster strikes as the Rescue Team faces dangers both natural and manmade!
Lead the way to safety after disaster strikes as the Rescue Team faces dangers both natural and manmade! Earthquakes and avalanches are just two of the catastrophes the Rescue Team encounters in this thrilling sequel. But the team can’t blame every problem on Mother Nature because she has a little competition from Pietro Mangula, the world’s most notorious poacher!
When Mangula and his henchmen steal every animal off a reserve, FEMA calls in the Rescue Team to save the day! To deal with the mess Mangula leaves behind as he escapes through dangerous drylands, cavernous mines and wild jungles, players need to gather resources, remove obstacles and handle fires, floods, dark caves and more.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Mystery Tales 10 The Reel Horror Collectors

Domini Games presents the next exciting chapter of their classic Mystery Tales saga!
Your good friend Officer Jefferson needs your help! His young daughter and her friends went ghost hunting in an abandoned horror movie theater but they haven’t returned. Use your paranormal powers to track them down before the ghostly director makes them the star of his latest film. Hold onto the edge of your seat for this spooky hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Delve deeper into Dawnwood’s history in the bonus chapter
Never get lost with the strategy guide!
Learn more about Sebastian’s life through hidden collectibles!
Enjoy exclusive concept art, music, achievements, and more!