Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mystery Trackers 14 Mist Over Blackhill Collectors

Elephant Games, creators of Halloween Stories, Grim Tales, and Chimeras, invites you to track down the truth behind another thrilling supernatural mystery!
For a seasoned Mystery Trackers detective, even a relaxing bike ride can quickly become a case! Passing through the town of Blackhill, you notice something is terribly wrong – the residents have gone into hiding, and an army of shadow monsters roams the streets! The activity seems to originate from the home of a local scientist who was conducting secretive experiments… but getting there will be dangerous. And what you discover when you arrive just might change the world as you know it! Can you uncover what happened before the darkness spreads? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
Investigate a mysterious arson in the Bonus Game.
Collect cute outfits for your dog, Elf.
Find all the photo fragments to complete your picture album.
Enjoy exclusive concept art, music, wallpapers, and more!
Gain access to the secret room for more challenging fun!

Gnomes Garden: Lost King CE

The princess of our fairy tale kingdom grew up and got married long ago. But one day, her beloved husband went hunting and didn’t come back. He disappeared with his entire retinue, but where did he go? Adventure through a world of secrets and mystical creatures in Gnomes Garden: The Lost King. Many quests and over 40 levels in four unique worlds await you. Restore ancient buildings, collect magical harvests and carefully distribute resources on your path to success. Simple controls and a helpful tutorial will lead you on your way, and the princess’ mighty magic can save you if you get in a tough spot. Find the king and return prosperity to the land in Gnomes Garden: Lost King.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collectors

4Friends Games proudly presents a curious new adventure in their Edge of Reality series!
As a baby, you were left on the steps of an orphanage with only one clue to your identity. Years later, that clue brings you to the door of the Azara Gambling House, where you agree to enter a secret tournament for only the luckiest of players. But instead of answers, you find yourself thrown into a dangerous and impossible game of skill! Will your luck hold out long enough to uncover the secrets of your past? Find out in this high-stakes Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
    Play as Jane's father in the bonus chapter!
    Replay challenging HOPs and mini-games.
    Collect all the Joker's scepters and you shall be rewarded.
    Enjoy exclusive concept art, music, wallpapers and more!
    Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Rune Stones Quest 2

Match-3 fans, buckle up! The dwarves need your help!
Years of war have certainly left marks on the once booming country of the dwarves. There is nothing left but ruins, poverty is ruling people's lives. But now that the war is over, the dwarves embark on a hopeful mission: they want to rebuild the ancient city and bring it back to its former glory! Get ready for a marvelous Match-3 adventure and help them to craft the protective rune stones!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor Collectors

Sunward Games proudly present the latest thrilling chapter in their Endless Fables series! Your niece has been captured by a banshee, and you’ll need to unlock the secrets of MacConnell Island to save her. Navigate your way through terrifying creatures and mind-bending puzzles to find your niece and solve the mystery of the banshee, before it’s too late. Can you uncover the truth? Find out in this heart-pounding hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
• Delve deeper into the MacConnell Mansion in the bonus game!
• Never get lost with the helpful strategy guide!
• Tons of hidden collectibles to find!
• Enjoy exclusive concept art, replay Mini-games and HOPs, and more!


Hex is a unique puzzle game with a seemingly simple goal, clear the tiles to win. Play through over 80 exciting levels and 12 unique types of tiles. Tiles can multiply, explode, toggle on and off, and more as you jump between them! But before you start hopping be sure you don’t need that tile! Once it’s cleared you can’t go back. Can you clear them all?
    70 levels to explore
    14 challenging bonus levels
    12 unique tile types
    4 to 6 hours of gameplay
    7 distinct worlds

Worlds Greatest Cities Mosaics 5

Visit some of the world's greatest cities as you play mosaic puzzles! Start your adventure off in Bangkok, Thailand and make your way through other great cities like New York, Lisbon, Dubai, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, and Berlin. You'll play mosaic puzzles in a variety of styles while you learn interesting facts about the cities you visit.
-  Visit some beautiful cities
-  Learn interesting facts about the cities you visit
-  Unique mosaics gameplay
-  Relaxing soundtrack