Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collectors

Artifex Mundi proudly presents the next installment of the Lost Grimoires series! When Prince Fern goes missing just days before his coronation, only one person in the king’s court can find him. Step into the shoes of the teacher, spy and advisor of House Griff and embark on a dangerous adventure to find the heir and save him from the clutches of dark magic!
Travel through 31 mysterious locations
Solve complex puzzles and navigate labyrinths
Meet fascinating characters
Wallpapers, concept art and soundtrack
Integrated strategy guide

The Forgotten Fairy Tales 2: Canvases of Time Collectors

When the Shadows of Oblivion begin to unravel the very fabric of the universe, it’s up to you as the Guardian to find the mastermind behind the destruction! Travel to a world beyond our own to help the Queen of Creation restore the canvases of time. It’s a race across time and space as you’re forced to search an alternate future fraught with foes. Can you save the crumbling universe and restore your reality? Find out in this heartfelt hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Help Queen Bella save her daughter in the bonus chapter!
Collect hidden animals for your bestiary.
Never get lost with the strategy guide.
Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, screensavers, music, and more!

Thanks to Velocity

Fish Tycoon 2

The long awaited Fish Tycoon sequel is finally here! Now you can rediscover and explore the lost magic fish of Isola as you feed, breed, and sell your way from small-time merchant to the ultimate aquatic entrepreneur!
Dive into a delightfully fishy adventure of a real-time virtual aquarium with over 400 unique and distinctive fish to discover: it’s an adorable fishtank mania!
– Start with access to 400+ unique species of fish!
– Unlock an array of useful upgrades and power-ups!
– Renovate your storefront and reveal special surprises to expand your fish empire!
– Nurture and cure your fish using magical plants and marine life!
– Hire a colorful mascot to draw in the big crowds!
– Decorate your tank with a plethora of gorgeous items!
– Research advertising, environment and food to sustain rarer species and increase your revenue!


A girl crashed into a dark forest not knowing where to go, curiosity drives her to open a Pandora’s box that was never meant to be opened.Evie is a short first-person horror narrative that unfolds a mind-boggling event, set in the middle of an eerie forest that was left undiscovered for good reasons. The story starts off by reading diaries left in an abandoned house by a lady named Evie. As a player, you will quickly realize that great tragedies hit her life and uncontrollably fell into a downward spiral of despair.
Thanks to Plaza

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mystery of the Ancients 7: Black Dagger Collectors

Mariaglorum Company brings you a chilling new case in Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger!
When a police station is attacked, you’re called in to help investigate. Things take an unexpected turn when the clues point to an ancient dagger and the spectre that wields it! With such a dangerous foe, and countless families in danger, can you uncover the fiend’s origins and save the day? Find out in this spine-tingling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Defeat a persistent enemy in the bonus chapter!
Consult the helpful strategy guide.
Search each location for hidden collectibles!
Enjoy exclusive music, wallpapers, concept art, and more!

Mahjong Masters: The Amazing Architect

You have graduated as a master architect but you must prove yourself to the world. Journey to five exotic regions of the world and build thirty wonderful architectural marvels to become ‘The Amazing Architect’. Complete numerous Mahjong Solitaire boards to collect the resources needed to construct the various buildings and play the Mahjong Number Sum mini game to construct special buildings. Put your skills to the test!
    Numerous layouts – a new one every time
    Mahjong Number Sum mini game
    Use resources to construct the buildings
    Rechargeable hints and shuffle options

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hidden Expedition: The Golden Secret Collectors

Eipix Entertainment brings you the next heart-pounding chapter in the beloved Hidden Expedition series!
H.E.L.P. HQ interrupts your ski vacation with an important request: travel to Geneva to purchase an ancient artifact that could very well hold the secrets to H.E.L.P.'s long history. But it won't be easy. You'll have to be the winning bidder in a high-stakes auction. Fortunately, H.E.L.P. is footing the bill! Unfortunately, you're not the only party interested in this artifact. Can you unlock the secrets of the mysterious Golden Wheel, or will H.E.L.P.'s origins be lost to time forever? Find out in this scenic hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
    Best your foes and foil their cunning plot in the bonus game.
    Find hidden symbols, morphing objects, and fact cards.
    Earn a variety of unique achievements.
    Need some help? Consult the strategy guide!
    Enjoy the souvenir room, replayable HOPs, mini-games, wallpapers, concept art, and more!