Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gray Skies Dark Waters

What does it mean to truly disappear without a trace? This modern interpretation of centuries-old folktales drops you into a world of secrets, unanswered questions, and (just maybe) the supernatural. Search to reveal the truth—or, at least, your version of it.
Fans of story-based games like The Path, Life is Strange, and To the Moon will love this story-driven adventure game in which your continuous choices decide the future of the Garrett family. Gray Skies, Dark Waters comes alive with:
an original score
full voice-acting
hand-drawn paintings inspired by children’s book illustrations
a 2-3 hour playtime
a series of short stories set in Avett’s Landing, Virginia
Rich commentary mode that includes interviews with developers and experts in various fieldsThe game features 3D models interacting in 2D settings, similar to classics like Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, and Resident Evil 2. Gray Skies, Dark Waters takes literary inspiration from the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, Flannery O’Connor, Jorge Luis Borges, and Shirley Jackson.

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