Friday, January 20, 2017

Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion Platinum

In Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion Platinum Edition you’ll enjoy 60 restaurant levels, and 30 extra challenging levels in 6 charming chapters. Prepare over 50 different dishes, upgrade your restaurants and menu’s. While cooking all those tasty recipes you’ll delight in a wonderful story.
Mary works at large lawfirm, and being a real Vanderworth her parents expect Mary to have a successful career as a lawyer. Except, Mary doesn’t dream of a career as a lawyer, she loves cooking and wants to become a chef. Will Mary have the courage to stand up for herself, and follow her heart? Have fun playing Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion Platinum Edition, the time management cooking game for food lovers!
– 60 levels across 6 charming chapters
– 30 extra challenge stages
– Meet famous guest star, Emily O’Malley, from the Delicious series!
– 70 different dishes and the possibility to upgrade restaurants and menus

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