Monday, November 7, 2016

Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure Collectors

Greetings, human! As you know, our world is in peril, and there is nothing more we elves can do. But there is hope! You are the one we have been waiting for, the Champion who will brave the dangerous forbidden zone to retrieve the legendary Nucleus. With it, we can save this world and cure all sickness – and yes, even heal your dying father! The path will be dangerous, and enemies will try to stop you at every turn. But we have faith that you will prevail. So go forth, over the rooftops and down into the ruins of the Old World. Good luck, human. You will need it...
    Save the village of Promise from danger, as only one of your lineage can!
    An ancient evil threaten the village's harmony in the bonus chapter.
    Can you find all of the collectibles and morphing objects?
    Never get lost again with the strategy guide.

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