Monday, August 29, 2016

12 Labours of Hercules Race for Olympus Collectors

This time, Hercules and Megara are involved in the detective story. Alarm at Olympus is showing the absence of Zeus, who rarely left the peak. A few clues reveal the fact that Zeus has been abducted.Hercules and Megara begin the investigation. The snowy peaks are cold as hell, so the first thing will be to get dressed according to season.The game introduces new landscapes, underwater levels, ice skating workers, volcano, funny puzzles, and many more.
-  Stunning full HD graphics
-  5 Bonus levels + 1 Superbonus level
-  Volcano, winter, tropical, and underwater levels
-  Unique challenges for skilled players
-  Outstanding detective story based on ancient myths
-  Day/night change
-  Freeze a lake to make your workers ice skate


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