Thursday, October 8, 2015

Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny Collectors

New evidence has come to light that will prove who killed Jackie’s parents over 20 years ago. Now that you have something that belonged to them, you can travel back in time to discover what really happened that fateful night and try to save them from a dangerous serial killer. But beware; a dark force is watching your every move, and it is determined to keep you from changing their fates. You’ll have to think quickly if you want to cheat Death and come back alive!

    Can you save Jackie’s parents from their destiny?
    Survive Fate’s ultimate challenge in the bonus game!
    Find collectibles to construct the Grays’ family tree!
    View original concept art, wallpapers, music and more!
    Unlock the Secret Room to replay your favorite hidden-object puzzles and mini-games!

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