Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles 3

To sail or not to sail? What kind of question is that! While others mull it over, you can be the first to find the pirate
cache!Somewhere out there, at the bottom of a mysterious lake, lies the secrets of times long past: a crystal capable of giving youth, a cup which can give eternal life with a single sip, and a gold doubloon which brings luck to its bearer... All of
this could be yours, if only you get to the island before anyone else!
So onwards, summon your crew and set sail! Your journey promises to be risky, but they don't call you a courageous captain for nothing, right? Go ahead! Hoist the Jolly Roger! Fair winds to ye, sea dog!

    6 new mystical islands and 6 new tests await you
    120 original levels with over 10 hours of gameplay
    Logical gameplay with no need for guessing


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