Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mysteries of Neverville - The Runestone of Light

The runestone of light that has protected the town of Neverville for thousands of years is missing. With nothing to protect the town, an evil fog has surrounded the people inside. You are the daughter of Cygnus Rastlin, the greatest guardian of Neverville and must return to the town to stop the evil from spreading. Find out who is lurking in the fog! Is it the notorious necromancer Grimhall, who was once captured and buried inside a stone chamber by Cugnus Rastlin himself. Who is behind the disappearance of the runestone! Will you be able to save the innocent people of Neverville from their grim fate by restoring the runestone to its rightful place?

-Immersive magical atmosphere
-Elaborate storyline with many different characters
-Visit carnivals, jungles and graveyards in your amazing journey
-Play unique puzzles and overcome hurdles in completely new ways

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