Monday, February 3, 2014

Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2 The Lair

Dark shadows are rising once again! Spirits are restless! For he has awaken!

 It has been years since brave Mina Lockheart defeated Lord Strix. But dark shadows are rising once again! Spirits are restless! For he has awaken!
Evil Lord Strix is breeding a new army to enslave all creatures from the Dragon Mountains!
It is once again up to Mina and her best friend spirit Malik to travel to distant parts of the world and find clues how to open the passage to a hidden wasteland - Lord Strix's lair. Meet different characters along your journey, help them and have them help you. Search and discover new places, but hurry! Lord Strix gets stronger by the minute!

- Follow the clues and find the passage to Strix's lair
- Explore many unique fantasy locations
- Meet mythical creatures on your journey
- Solve dozens of puzzling minigames
- Bright and colorful fantasy atmosphere


  1. Hoi Wendy,
    The game is stuck from the windmill, there are only 3 planks .
    To repair the windmill you needs 4.
    I start over several time's, installed the game again nothing gives me the 4 plank.

  2. try different screen resolution, all planks are there, you could check my forums game discussions area..

  3. I am having the same problem and can find nothing in the forum on the game

  4. My game is also stuck at the windmill, I did what you suggested regarding the screen resolution, but I still only have 3 planks....Can you help please.