Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collectors

The wind lashes against the cliff side trees, which clutch the stones like grasping fingers. Overhead a storm rages, scattering the long pillows of mist that haunt the land like ghost ships. Against this backdrop a girl is silhouetted. She is running, clutching her shawl to keep the rain out of her hair. A flash of lighting illuminates her face. She is beautiful, but she`s crying. Raindrops are mixing with the tears streaming over her cheeks. She starts to scream, but her words go lost in the wind. She trips on a root, falls to her knees. In a moment of rage and despair she pulls the small golden wedding band from her finger and tosses it off the edge of the cliff. The ring flashes and disappears into the abyss. As she walks away, she cannot see the red glow that pierces the fog and the demonic, gnarled hand that appears as if out of thin air to catch the ring as it falls.
- thrilling mature story with a dark secret under its surface
- deep, intriguing protagonists
- carefully crafted, unique fantasy world
- 39 captivating, hand-painted locations
- unique, varied puzzles and mini games set in the fantasy world
- fuzzy, cute sidekick - a small kiten
- enhanced "gameplay adventure”:  including shooting a crossbow
- 24 achievements to unlock!
- original soundtrack
- Collectors Edition featuring an additional adventure and other bonuses

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