Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy - Casual Edition

After tracking it all around the world, Ellen Cross finally brings Dracula’s portrait back from Istanbul. While preparing to unveil the painting, the mysterious piece of art gets stolen.
In search of the culprit, she stumbles upon some crucial information regarding the “Shadow of the Dragon”, a mysterious order that has been leading the fight against the domination of Count Dracula.
Fearless, Ellen embarks on another quest for the truth. Her ability to spot clues and her courage will become her greatest assets on this journey to meet the Prince of Darkness.

-Solve challenging puzzles and riddles
-Combine items and manage your inventoryy
-Amazing images and high-definition cutscenes
-Mesmerizing original soundtrack and immersive sound effects
-Your choices will determine how this story ends...

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