Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jos Dream Organic Coffee 2

The Coffee Festival is in town! All the famous restaurateurs and baristas are there, and Jo dreams of winning first prize. The first step to fulfilling this ambitious goal is to open a coffee shop. Help Jo meet the challenges of running a cafe in this fast-paced time management game, with the ultimate goal of turning Jo's little shop into her very own trendy restaurant. Work hard and the Coffee Festival First Prize could be yours in Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2!
    Learn recipes and make delicious drinks
    Invest in the latest modern cooking equipment
    Hire hard-working staff
    Earn diverse achievements



  1. Any one else having trouble getting this to run???????

  2. Please check my forums discussion area for your game problems;,141.0.html

  3. Works perfectly fine on my computer. Thank you Wendy :)