Sunday, December 1, 2013

Death at Cape Porto: A Dana Knightstone Novel Collectors

Return to Europe in a brand new adventure as Dana Knightstone, the best-selling novelist with a gift for clairvoyance. A tragic legend attracts you to Portugal, where you were planning to set the backdrop of your latest love story. But upon checking into a mysterious hotel, you discover that your abilities are not just limited to interacting with ghosts.
Delve into a past obscured by untruths that have imprisoned an innocent soul who, without your help, will never have the chance to clear his name. Find clues buried in old newspaper clippings and collect useful items as you explore the romantic locales of Portugal.

    Bonus chapter: Dana puts things right
    40 hidden card collectibles
    Challenging achievements to earn
    Replayable cutscenes
    Wallpaper, concept art, and soundtrack


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