Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mysteries of the Undead

Explore the zombie island and break an ancient curse in Mysteries of the Undead! What caused the disaster? Was it a virus or magic? Many years ago a dark blight turned the citizens of a small island into bloodthirsty zombies. A research team from the floating laboratory Perseus is the only one capable of eliminating the threat of an epidemic.

40 different game locations
Unique and eerie setting
Thrilling action story
Exciting and dangerous adventure


  1. Is it only me, or there is no way to put the button in the cash register?

  2. It's not only you, Petros. I am having the same issue and I just bet that it is some anti-piracy measure kicking in.

    The game is unbeatable until this issue is fixed.

  3. For those having problems with this game.

    Due to all the bugs which meant you cannot complete the game, BF have withdrawn the game as of 11 May.

    They hope to have a fixed version in the near future.