Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Farm Mystery Updated

Everything is not what it seems down on Happy Orchard Farm as residents of the local town are mysteriously disappearing into the mist that enshrouds it at night. Is there an innocent explanation or could the farm at the mercy of supernatural forces? It’s your job to find out what’s happening and try to uncover the chilling mystery. Search for objects, collect key items, and solve mini-games and puzzles all set in the seemingly haunted farm. Can you conquer your fear and discover the truth in this thrilling supernatural adventure game!

-Strong characters with a dark and mysterious plot
-20 chilling adventure screens
-15 unique Hidden Object scenes
-Interrogate five key suspects
-15 challenging puzzles and mini-games


  1. Wendy,

    Sorry, but I still have the same issue with resolution on this version. Tried a bunch of versions, same problem. don't know if it's me or the game.

  2. hi Wendy:
    This version doesn't work either. The parameters are off a bit & with a black frame around the game & also the in the beginning of the game where we retrieve the flashlight under the wood pile, the flashlight disappears off into the left side of the screen & doesn't go into the inventory so that we can use it to see inside the trunk of the car. We can retrieve the car keys & they go into the inventory, but no use because we don't have that flashlight which is no where to be found.
    Can this version still be fixed?