Monday, April 8, 2013

Between the Worlds III: The Heart of the Worlds Special Edition

A world of magic and machines faces impending doom when the central machine, the heart of the world, stops. The heart of the world generated powers of four elements – fire, water, earth and air. Using these powers, the inhabitants of this world created magnificent mechanisms, allowing their culture to thrive. Every 120 years, the heart of the world must be started anew. During the most recent restart, something went wrong, and the heart of the world stopped. The magical powers were exhausted, and most of the mechanisms broke down. To escape an inevitable death without the magical powers, the inhabitants of the world hid in a safe haven where time does not exist. The only way to save the world of magic and machines is to fix the heart of the world and start it again. Find the rods of the 4 elements – water, air, earth and fire - and gather the magical powers scattered around the magical world. Fix the heart of the world and save its inhabitants!

-A magical, other-worldly atmosphere
-Astounding graphics
-Find the Rods of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water
-Search for hidden objects and use them in the quest

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