Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Airline Baggage Mania

Fast-paced against-the-clock gameplay and lots of fun coming up to you in Airline Baggage Mania! Manage your first service point at an airport and establish new ones all around the world. Make sure that your passengers get their personal belongings in the shortest amount of time possible. It is no easy task because all the cases have opened during loading and their contents are scattered all over the conveyer belts! Being quick is the ultimate objective because all the passengers are in a hurry! Travel around the world to personally support your new service points!

Career and Survival Modes
70 phenomenal levels
Hilarious gameplay


  1. Can't get any of these to work...they download and install but when i right click on icon to play , I get a corrupted / missing error.Am I doing something wrong ? Thank you for all the sweet games , Wendy :)

  2. you can try to download again an/or join the forum to ask help..

  3. i have the same problem as lethal; is there any other way? i have already tried to reinstal it but it's all the same
    pls help