Haunted House Mysteries

Nancy Evans is an expert on superstition and the paranormal in modern society. She's been invited by her aunt, Mary Allen, to spend a few days in a quiet cottage by the sea. What she doesn't know is that, next to the cottage, there's a large, run-down house from which emanates a macabre atmosphere. You play as Nancy Evans and it's up to you to investigate the strange phenomena coming from this gloomy house. According to Mary, it's haunted by ghosts. Indeed, her interest in mysticism has her thinking that the creaking that can be heard, the shadows wandering the halls, and the strange smell that sometimes prevails there are all supernatural in origin. Nancy explores the house and is amazed to discover that the spirits are trying to communicate with her,leaving messages for help in the world of the living. What exactly happened in this house to cause these spirits to be so unquiet?
-Keep your cool and explore a real haunted house in the search for clues on the appearance of ghosts.
-Discover the history of the house and the macabre secrets it hides.
-Complete paranormal rituals to communicate with the ghosts.
-Solve complex riddles to advance in your investigation.



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