Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

Agent Claire Ellery is grasping for any clue she can find about her missing ward, Anna. Strange tarot cards were found at the sight of her abduction, but the kidnapper has remained strangely silent, until an unmarked envelope arrives addressed to her. The clues will lead her straight to the heart of the criminal’s hideout, in the abandoned Mercury Shopping Mall.

Unfortunately for Claire, this masked kidnapper is always one step ahead, watching her every move. Who is he, and why did he kidnap Anna? Navigate the corridors of his deadly traps in Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance, a thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Join Agent Ellery on an exciting case
Who is this masked criminal?
Explore an abandoned mall for clues


Christopher said...

Strange thing, but at the end, this says that it is a 'content limited demo'?

Wendy said...

it's just text, you played full game.. :)

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