Secrets of the Seas Flying Dutchman CE

Uncover the Sea Secrets of the Flying Dutchman in Secrets of the Seas: Flying Dutchman! Find hidden objects and solve adventuresome puzzles in this oceanic hidden object puzzle adventure game!

Dazzling hidden objects
Maritime adventure puzzles
Break the Curse of the Dutchman!

New Updated Version:
  Mirror 2:  Part 1  Part 2  Mirror 3:  Part 1  Part 2


ssmcnabb said...

I got almost to the end and can not find or pick up the shovel. Hint says there is nothing left to pick up. Flawed at the end but not a bad game. Thanks Wendy

Necro said...

Every version of this has a fault..why would this one be any different? The spade/shovel is NOT there in the garden..

pri said...

Have a bug in the shovel...?

Wendy said...

links are renewed with the updated version, no problems now.. :)

Necro said...

Thanx Wendy - ur a diamond! Works perfectly now.

julia said...

Finally I got the shovel, thanks for all you've done, Wendy!

Mary A said...

I downloaded & installed new version. Placed it in program files-send shortcut to desk. Something very wrong with it---full picture would not come up when starting to play with interactive help... could even choose the difficulty mode.. looked like it might be an okay if I could play it. Tried re-extracting it twice; the second time it was worse... Any suggestions?

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